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Municipal Dance Off Challenge 2018!

Join in the fun. We are challenging Municipal Councils around Newfoundland and Labrador to make a dance video and send it to The videos will be available on the dancenl website and you can VOTE for the council that shows best how much they love dance. Here is St.John’s Mayor, Danny Breen getting us started!

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Bringing the Dance Community Together

DanceNL is Newfoundland and Labrador's sectoral dance association. Our mandate to preserve, promote and support all forms of dance and dance activity throughout the province.

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Featured Project

Who’s Your Favourite Dance Teacher?

Do you love to dance? Who taught you? Who’s your Favourite Dance Teacher?

This year, as part of Dance Week 2018, we are celebrating Dance Teachers in Newfoundland and Labrador! If you’re taking dance lessons and think your teacher is amazing, we want to hear about it.

A Favourite Dance Teacher could be in a school or anywhere in your community. It could be your Nan, or it could be that fella who hosts the dances at the Legion. It could be anyone who has made a lasting impact on you and your love of Dance.

Tell us who your Favourite Dance Teacher is and why. Send us an email with a video or a drawing or a song or a poem or just a few lines on who they are, what they teach, and what makes them a great person who shared their love of dance with you. We will in turn, profile them on our website and send a Certificate of Excellence to them to acknowledge that we care about what they do.

Suggestions for Favourite Dance Teachers can be made by Newfoundlanders and Labradorians of any age. If you are under age 18, please ask a parent to help you with this.


Poster by Graham Blair

Poster by Graham Blair

Send your ideas to by April 11nd, 2018 and join the fun!


Featured Member

Vanessa Cardoso Whelan

Vanessa Cardoso is a Multidisciplinary artist, street performer and clown hailing from Brazil,with a passion for contemporary theater and body movement awareness, especially related to Flamenco dancing.The bodily awareness and theatre techniques acquired through workshops on the Laban, KlausVianna, Jerzy Grotowisk methods, among others, have highly influenced her acting performances. Clown research experiences, concentrating on the “Pochinko” methodology,started in Brazil and continue to influence her work.Graduated in theatre arts, she has been involved with several artistic groups performing onstage and in street productions, as an actress, flamenco dancer, puppeteer and backstage production assistant. She also has given theatre and flamenco dance instruction to kids and adults.Vanessa has been actively engaged in the local arts scene since moving to NL in 2014,participating in artistic workshops and performing with her Living Statue, dancing Flamenco and Clowning in festivals such as the St. John’s BuskersFestival, The Lantern Festival, Art Fusion, Blue Berry Festival , Women Work Festival , Festival of New Dance, Boca Tapas Bar and several performances for new Canadians/refugees.
Currently, Vanessa is working on her show "Olé Clown!" A Flamenco Show made by Fuah the Clown and her puppet Matilda a “unreal” Flamenco Dancer and others performances for summer.