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In Response To The Province of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Government Renewal Initiative

3 February 2016

Premier Ball and Minister Bennett,

Thank you for your efforts to engage the population of Newfoundland and Labrador in the government’s fiscal planning. In response to that effort, I recommend that the government consider reinvesting in the cultural industries.

Like many industries in the province, cultural work in Newfoundland and Labrador is suffering. An industry that relies heavily on public investment in order to generate substantial direct and indirect returns, arts companies have, over the past decade, been forced to cut programming, reduce staff hours, and put off major actions that would stabilize and grow the industry.

DanceNL represents the dancers throughout the province, whether they practice dance as a profession or as a recreational activity. From traditional Newfoundland set dances and step dancing, to hip hop and contemporary ballet, the reality is that both professional and recreational dancers need public investment, and the public needs dancers. Dancing is an alternative form of physical activity, a form of expression and a path to strong communities and better mental health.

Culture, as a broader industry, is the hallmark of Newfoundland and Labrador. Beautiful television ads celebrate it. Visitors revel in it. New residents are attracted by it. Culture is – and reflects – our identity as a province, an identity based in our rich history, our pride of place, and our hopes for the future. It brings in skilled workers. It brings in tourism. It is a positive step towards a healthy, diverse, resilient economy, and one that can be made with confidence.

Given that case studies have shown that each dollar invested in the cultural sector has the potential to generate more than ten dollars in direct, indirect and induced returns¹, now is the time to renew a commitment made in The Blueprint for Development and Investment in Culture in 2006. Now is the time to invest in the industries that make Newfoundland and Labrador the target destination for Canadian and international tourists. Now is the time to invest in the workers who bring beauty, entertainment, and culture to the residents of this spectacular province.

In good faith,

Sharon King-Campbell

Executive Director, DanceNL





What is DanceNL?

Bringing the Dance Community Together

DanceNL is Newfoundland and Labrador's sectoral dance association. Our mandate to preserve, promote and support all forms of dance and dance activity throughout the province.

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Featured Project


Memorial University, in partnership with Creative Gros Morne, and DanceNL, invites applications for a Dance Residency of six weeks during the Fall (Sept.-Dec.) 2016 Semester, subject to funding approval. The Dancer-in-Residence is open to dance scholars and emerging and established dancers in any genre whose creative work demonstrates a high level of artistic achievement.
This residency has two major components: first, to allow the artist time and resources to work on a central project which expands their practice or scholarly activity; and second, to foster public engagement between Memorial University, the dance community of the province, and the wider public. The Dancer-in- Residence will be expected to interact with these communities in ways applicable to their expertise and the needs of the relevant community: for example, through workshops, performances, consultations, and/or presentations.
This unique residency takes place in three diverse locations: the St. John’s campus of Memorial University, the Grenfell Campus of Memorial (located on the west coast of Newfoundland, in Corner Brook), and in Gros Morne National Park. Each location offers different opportunities to engage with academics, scientists, dancers, musicians, history, and the natural world.
Memorial University of Newfoundland is one of Canada’s most distinguished post-secondary institutions. As the only university in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Memorial University plays an integral role in the educational, business and cultural life of the province, and is committed to excellence in teaching, research and public engagement.
At the St. John’s campus, the Dancer-in-Residence is expected to work with students in a number of academic units and to incubate their own creative work or scholarly project.
At the Grenfell Campus, the primary focus is the artist’s core project- this can be through development, research, and/or rehearsal. The Dancer-in-Residence is also expected to engage with students at the Division of Fine Arts through class leadership, workshops, or in other ways appropriate to the artist’s practice.
The Gros Morne National Park portion of the residency will provide the candidate with time for private scholarship and creation within the park. Gros Morne National Park was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. It offers unique geological significance amid an area of outstanding natural beauty. This portion of the residency will be coordinated with Creative Gros Morne to complement the overall project goals of the candidate.
Co-ordinated through Dance NL, at each location The Dancer-in- Residence is expected to engage with the dance community in locally appropriate ways: such as, conducting DanceNL workshop(s), networking with local artists, public performance(s) and/or lecture(s).
We seek a highly motivated, innovative dancer or dance scholar with an artistic or scholarly vision that can be shared and explored both within and outside the academic community. Dancers/scholars wishing to be considered for the residency are asked to provide the following, no later than January 8, 2016:
1.) a letter of application which includes a.) a statement of how the residence will contribute to the artistic/scholarly development of your own work and b.) a brief description of the core project(s), its goal(s) and how it relates to the three locations noted above (max. 750 words)
2.) a current CV (max. 3 pages)
3.) (Optional) support material in the form of photos (in jpg format, no more than 10), video of past work (no more than 8 minutes), and/or full reviews of recent work (no more than 4).
The residency provides a stipend (approx. $1650/week), an allowance for travel to, from, and within Newfoundland (max. $2500), accommodation in each location, and the possibility of allowance for other residency costs, such as studio rental, videography, photography, materials, etc.
Questions and applications should be sent only via email, and be addressed to:

Featured Member

Christina Penney

February's Featured Member, flamenco dancer Christina Penney, is a native Newfoundlander who fell in love with the passion of flamenco in 1998. She has since studied with some of the top flamenco dancers in Canada and the UK, and has also repeatedly traveled to Spain for intensive training and to immerse herself in the Spanish culture. She teaches flamenco lessons from beginner to advanced levels, and enjoys performing in the local arts scene.

You can next see Christina dance in Invocación y Danza, a celebration of Spanish and Latin American live music and dance, presented as part of the Music at Memorial Concert Series:

Fun fact: This will be Christina's debut castanet performance!

As well, Christina is planning to host a flamenco workshop with a visiting artist this March--stay tuned for more details!


(Photo credit: Philippe Photography)