News posts dated Sep. 2011

NL Moves – Looking for Dance Workshop Facilitators!


From January to December 2012, DanceNL will be hosting “NL Moves,” a series of workshops aimed at the general public. As an outreach event, the goal of this series is to expose people to various dance genres, increase wellness and physical activity, and support DanceNL members across the province. We are sending out a CALL FOR WORKSHOP PROPOSALS to our membership.

• Workshop facilitator(s) must be DanceNL members.
• One workshop will be held each month (July and August excepted) in a variety of communities.
• DanceNL will pay an honorarium of $50 and cover room rental fee for an appropriate space up to a maximum of $50.
• Workshop facilitators can propose holding a workshop in any community.
• Funding may be available for travel to another community. If you would like to offer a workshop in a community different from your own, please include details on travel costs in your application.
• Workshop rates will be fixed by DanceNL, with a discounted rate for members.
• DanceNL will assist with promoting the workshops.
• This initiative is pending funding.

Please fill out the attached form and attach a dance photo (for promotional purposes) and return it to no later than November 15, 2011. Participants will be notified by December 15.

NL Moves 2012 – Dance Workshop Leader Application

NAME OF APPLICANT: ____________________________________________________________

MAILING ADDRESS:___________________________________________________________


POSTAL CODE:_________________

PHONE NUMBER: ______________________ ALTERNATE: _____________________

EMAIL ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________________

Please provide a brief dance biography:

Please provide a brief description of what you will teach:

Please describe what dancers should bring/wear:

Workshop date: ______________________________________________________________

Workshop time: ______________________________________________________________

Workshop location (city/town): _________________________________________________

Workshop venue: ____________________________________________________________

Cost of venue: _______________________________________________________________

Travel costs (if applicable):_____________________________________________________

Photo attached: _____YES ______NO Photo credit: ______________________________

By signing the following, applicants grant permission to DanceNL to publish submitted photos for workshop promotional purposes.

Applicant Signature

_________________________ Date

Completed application forms should be emailed to

New Resource Guide on Artistic-Community Collaborations

The Department of Tourism, Culture and Recreation of Newfoundland and Labrador has released a document entitled “Enriching Communities: A Resource Guide for Artist-Community Collaborations.” We hope it will be of interest to dancers who want to pursue these kinds of projects and help access funding!

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Is your community or organization interested in working with an artist in the development of a creative project? Are you an artist with a creative idea that you think would be a perfect fit in a community? If so, there are things you need to know prior to beginning your collaboration that will ensure a successful partnership that benefits both parties.

This resource guide is intended to provide direction to communities and artists in the development of creative collaborative projects. The guide contains information on:
· mutual benefits to the community and the artist;
· different types of collaborations;
· how to lay the groundwork for success;
· general information on copyright issues;
· guidance on contracts and licensing agreements; and
· useful resources for further information

All successful partnerships are based on understanding, communication, and a clearly written agreement or contract that establishes each party’s rights and expectations. There are many examples of how collaborations have enriched the lives of communities and artists in this province. This guide is a recommended first step to building your own successful partnership.