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Sonja Thompson

My name is Sonja Thompson and I am from the downtown St.John's area and currently live there now.

I am a Modern Egyptian Style BellyDancer with a modern fusion mix. My dance background consists of training in Egyptian Raqs Sharqi, American Tribal Style BellyDance, American Cabaret BellyDance and Turkish Oriental BellyDance. I fell in love with this beautiful dance form over 30 years ago while living in British Columbia when I first seen it danced, and from that moment on I decided that I had to know everything about it, and I haven't stopped learning since.

The BellyDance for me is one filled with passion and fire, sensuality and beauty through movement and It gives me joy to teach others so they too, can enjoy and make this dance their own.
I am a BellyDance performer, choreographer and instructor.

Elaine Dunphy

Elaine Dunphy, Nia White Belt Teacher and Belly Dancer

My name is Elaine Dunphy and I LOVE to dance.

In June 2016 I took a Nia Dance class at a friend’s suggestion. It changed my life. It brought a whole new way of moving to music into my body. Since then I have taken my Nia White Belt and began to teach this beautiful form of dance to many different groups. I teach regular classes at The Annex in Mount Pearl on Wednesday evenings. I have also recently started to teach my Intro to Nia class to the Mount Pearl Senior’s Independence Group as well as the Active Aging group at St. James United Church. This Nia practice brings me great joy and now I am sharing this joy of movement with others. The fact that many seniors are trying this form of movement makes my heart happy. I sincerely want to help us all age as “wellderlies” – my new favorite word!

Before I was introduced to Nia, my passion for dance was solely belly dancing. I took my first class at the Healing Circle in late 2006. Since that first class I was totally captivated. My dance journey has been one filled with joy and friendships that have spanned many years. I have learned that paying attention to that inner voice brings a life full of beautiful moments and movements.

My dance story to date includes performances at ArtFusion over the past several years in Mount Pearl, Dance on the Edge for the past six years, participation in the annual Lantern Festival and the Synthesis Show hosted by Seraka Bellydance.


• June - Co-hosted a Nia dance retreat in Ochre Pit Cove at Ochre House – attended by 16 women from Ontario
• July – Co-facilitated Nia sessions with Kathleen Naylor from Nova Scotia at the Young Adult Cancer Canada retreat in St. John’s, NL
• August – White Belt training / completion in Halton Hills, ON
• April – Nia Teacher workshop in Hubbard’s, NS

2015 – 2017
• Neighbourhood Strays
Regular Monday night classes / practice
• Neighbourhood Strays – invited to join troupe in May 2014
Regular Monday night classes / practice
• Belly, Mind and Soul Bellydance Retreat – Twillingate, NL May 2014

• Creation Class – Wild Lily Dance Centre – Lori Savory
• Workshop (St. John’s) with Heather Labonte, Dark Side Studios, Toronto, ON
• Private sessions with Heather Labonte, Dark Side Studios, Toronto, ON
• Hips Unlimited – advanced level classes
Regular Sunday night classes / practice

• Hips Unlimited – intermediate level classes, Fusion Dance Studio
Regular Sunday night classes / practice
• Private sessions with Heather Labonte, Dark Side Studios, Toronto, ON

2010 - 2011
• Hips Unlimited – intermediate level classes, Fusion Dance Studio
Regular Sunday night classes / practice
• Winter Sparkle 2010 with Audra Simmons, February 2010, Toronto, ON

• Winter Sparkle 2009 with Audra Simmons, February 2009, Toronto, ON
• Classes with Margaret March, Mount Pearl School of Dance

• Serendipity Troupe, baby sister group of OhMaya Bellydance

2006 - 2007
• The Healing Circle, beginner dance classes with Rita Broderick