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Stacy Fowler

Stacy Fowler has a background in Flamenco, Jazz, Belly Dance and Hip-Hop with a passion for Latin dance. She has danced and performed for over 10 years specializing in Latin style. Stacy travels yearly to Cuba to enhance her knowledge base and expertise.

Stacy started Bailamos St. John's, a Latin dance company, in 2012 and is a volunteer instructor with Salsa in St. John's. In November 2013, she became a certified Zumba instructor.

Bailamos St. John's offers classes in Latin dance and Zumba fitness as well as private lessons and packages available for private parties and events.

Stacy is teaching a workshop in salsa on Fogo Island as part of DanceNL's NL Moves workshop series - check it out here:

Lori Savory

Lori Savory started bellydancing the year she turned 40 and she hasn't stopped since. Her first classes were with the Neighbourhood Strays Bellydance troupe where she learned Romani-styled bellydance. She continued to learn with them and two years later joined the troupe. Lori served as their Publicity Director and Artistic Director and also taught classes and workshops with the Strays.

Lori expanded her training to include Modern Bellydance, American Tribal Style bellydance and Tribal Fusion Bellydance, as well as Middle Eastern Bellydance, through workshops with Audra Simmons and Heather LaBonte of the Dark Side Studio in Toronto, Sarah Skinner of Toronto, Laura Selenzi and Monique Ryan of Serpentine Studios in Halifax, Mira Betz of San Franciso, Carolena Nerriccio of San Francisco as well as fellow Dance NL member Ainsley Dicks. She has also completed Phases I (Initiation) and II (Cultivation) of the 8 Elements program by Rachel Brice of Portland Oregon, considered to be the pre-eminent tribal fusion dancer worldwide.

Lori has also trained in other forms of dance, including Tango, Latin, Flamenco, Broadway and Bollywood.

Lori has had the pleasure of dancing at Dance On the Edge, A Night at the Caravanserai, Stars for Warm Hearts, the Lantern Festival, Arabian Nights II, the Carolena Nerriccio Gala in Oakville Ontario, and many other festivals and shows.

In May of 2013, Lori left the Neighbourhood Strays. She has since embarked on a new dance venture, the Obsidian Dance Collective, where she engages in collaborative projects with fellow dancer Jaime O'Leary, as well as other dancers.

Seraka Dance Company

Artistic Director: Vanessa Paddock
Technical Director: Karen Erl

Composed of professional belly dance artists, Seraka Dance Company performs their signature style of contemporary and fusion belly dance in St. John's NL. Formed in 2010, the group is known for combining their precise technical skill, creativity in movement, and elegant costuming to present a rich, unique experience of non-traditional world dance.

The name Seraka, (more properly spelled s’raka) is a Hungarian word meaning magpie; an intelligent & social bird known to gather bright, jewel-like found objects to decorate their nests. Much like this collector, Seraka is inspired to learn dance movements from a variety of sources to create their own unique interpretation of belly dance which respects and takes inspiration from the past. Seraka blends western dance concepts with repertoire from Tribal Fusion, Atseguin, American Tribal Style, and the oriental classics to create dynamic pieces.

Most notably, the group has performed at Dance on the Edge, at OvationsNL for Premier Kathy Dunderdale, at Mama Soula’s Restaurant with Greek band The Forgotten Bouzouki, and in Toronto at The Dark Harvest Gala with belly dance greats Mira Betz, Samantha Emanuel, Heather Stants & Audra Simmons. The group also frequents events such as the 24 Hour Art Marathon, productions by The Island Belles, and various multi-cultural festivals throughout the year, also being featured on CBC’s evening news hour for their involvement with World Cup Soccer Weekend 2013. The group also produces two shows each year; “A Night at the Caravanserai” in Sep/Oct, and “Synthesis” in Jan/Feb.

Seraka is available for hire for productions, restaurants, festivals, fundraisers or private functions including weddings, parties and holiday celebrations. The group also teaches fun mini-lessons and workshops for women who’d like to learn how to belly dance.

Twitter @SerakaDanceCo
YouTube Channel:

The Neighbourhood Strays

The Neighbourhood Strays are a bellydance troupe located in St. John's, Newfoundland. The Strays started performing together in 2004 as an Eastern European bellydance troupe, but as they grew, they expanded their dance repertoire to include influences from American Tribal, Egyptian, Turkish, Middle Eastern, Indian, Flamenco, Modern and other forms of dance. They now perform a fusion of bellydance with these other influences, to cover everything from traditional bellydance songs, to songs that are on today's Top 40 countdowns....and everything in between. You never know what you'll get from The Strays, but it's sure to be entertainment like you've never seen before.

The name "The Neighbourhood Strays" was initially chosen because all of the founding members were CFA's. Now, many of the troupe members are from Newfoundland. The Strays are regular performers at special events such as the Lantern Festival, Mary Griffith's Night, ArtFusion, the downtown St. John's Christmas parade and various multicultural festivals. They often volunteer their time to perform at fundraising events in and around St. John's. With a name like the Neighbourhood Strays, they particularly enjoy dancing at fundraisers for animal rights groups such as Beagle Paws and the SPCA. They've also walked as a troupe in the annual Take Back the Night March and the Pride Parade, as well as performed at the Relay For Life, the Run For The Cure, Stars For Warm Hearts, and Bust a Move For Breast Health fundraisers.

The Neighbourhood Strays are available for hire, for private functions such as corporate parties and weddings. They also offer workshops as a fun alternative to the usual bridal shower or bachelorette activities, or as a unique and interesting Girls' Night Out.