Cecilia McGruer

Email: ceciliamcgruer AT live DOT ca
Website: http://tangoontheedge.ca/site/Home.html
Why Tango?
I tango because every dance is a completely different experience. From the moment you embrace and make connection together as a couple there is nothing else but a heightened awareness of yourself, your partner and the music. When I leave practica after a social evening of tango dancing, I enjoy the feeling of peace and well-being.
I am a member and president of Tango on the Edge , a not-for profit club which promotes argentine tango as a social dance genre in Newfoundland. We host two practica's a week where dancers can practice and refine their skills... It is satisfying to dance well and gain expertise, so we invite high calibre instructors to offer workshops. This February, from the 6th to the 9th, Amira Campora of Buenos Aires will return to St. John's to offer the public and our members an opportunity to experience the rich heritage of the Tango for themselves, and share their passion in the dance.

About Argentine Tango
The Tango dance is a 'conversation' between a leader and a follower. It is easy to start, and grows in complexity as you acquire skill in movement & body control.
We dance social tango; the movements are not choreographed.
Couples move around the dance floor counter clockwise.
Tango is based on simple walking in straight lines or circles in a rhythmic movement that is inspired by the music.
With good connection to each other and the music, the couple dance a totally improvised set.
Good instruction and lots of practice is the secret to dancing well! Full information about our upcoming winter workshop with Amira Campora is posted on our club website: http://www.tangoontheedge.ca/site/Winter_Wkshop_14.html