*NEW* Membership Categories

In accordance with our Strategic Plan 2015-18, DanceNL has revised the parameters of its membership categories. These changes take effect April 1st, 2016.

There are two chief differences from the previous structure:

  1. Organizational Membership has been split into Not-for-Profit Organization and Business Membership. The cost of, and benefits provided to, both categories are identical, but this division allows DanceNL to better assess the needs of its membership.
  2. A new Youth Membership has been introduced.

Please view the table below and the Definition of Terms to see which category is the best for you. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Membership chart

Definition of Terms

Individual Membership

Available to adult individuals 18 years or older.

Not for Profit Organization Membership

Available to organizations which are:

  • an incorporated Not-for-Profit organization;
  • a club that operates on a volunteer basis; or,
  • a club recognized under MUNSA.

Business Membership

Available to businesses and professional organizations which do not qualify as Not for Profit Organizations, including dance schools, purveyors of dance supplies, and other corporations.

Youth Membership

Available to individuals younger than 18.

Cost per year

Membership fees are due by April 1st of every year. Unrenewed memberships expire March 31st.

Vote at AGM

All members are invited to an annual general meeting, and each Individual, Not for Profit Organizational and Business member is afforded a single vote. Youth members are not eligible to vote.

Promotion of Member Activities

All members can include their activities in DanceNL’s online calendar, social media, e-updates and quarterly newsletter.

*Note: Not-for-Profit Organizations and Businesses can include the work of the organization itself, but not its owner or members.

Listing in Online Directory

Each member is entitled to a listing in DanceNL’s searchable online directory.

Eligible for DanceNL employment

All members are eligible for DanceNL employment and contracting opportunities, including workshop instruction, dance demonstration and administration work. Youth members under the age of 16 will only be employed under conditions in keeping with the Employment Standards in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Newsletter & E-updates

DanceNL releases a quarterly newsletter, The Next Step, which is distributed through email. Other news is distributed to the membership base whenever timely. Organizations and Businesses may register up to two (2) email addresses for our mailing list.

Early registration and discounts for workshops and events

Whenever possible, DanceNL offers members early registration and discounts for DanceNL events and events held by partner organizations. Organizations and Businesses may delegate their early registration and/or discount to up to two (2) persons of their choosing.

Parent discount

Youth memberships include a 50% discount on a full individual membership for a parent.

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