Engagement survey – for Instructors

What dance genres are offered in your studio?

Does your studio bring in teachers from outside the province to teach dance workshops? If so, what style(s) do they teach?

Where do you find information about dance opportunities (workshops, auditions, etc.) in Newfoundland and Labrador?

Is there any specific form of professional development you would like to see addressed through DanceNL?

Are you interested in attending dance workshops when they are offered in your community?
 Yes No It depends on the style/instructor

Would you be willing to host or present a workshop for the general public?
 Yes Maybe No

Would you be willing to post information about DanceNL in your school or to your students?
 Yes No It depends on the content

Have you ever been a member of DanceNL?
 I am a member now! I have been a member in the past No

If you are interested in more information about DanceNL and our programming please let us know how to reach you:

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Your Email

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