Multidisciplinary Artist and Yoga Teacher

Robyn Noftall (she/they) is a multidisciplinary artist and yoga teacher based on the island now known as Newfoundland. Over the past 12 years she has taught, studied and performed throughout Canada and internationally mostly between Toronto, Ontario and the Middle East (Amman, Jordan).

Robyn believes in approaching her practices, teachings and collaborations with softness, curiosity, and freedom. She is currently sharing her personal practice called ‘Waves’ which is inspired by the Yin or Feminine energy to encourage a sense of harmony between emotion, mind, body, voice and breath. People can expect the essence of Waves to be at the root of her offerings.

She is a graduate of Randolph Academy (’14), George Brown Dance (’12), Shawna Turner’s Yoga School 200hrYYT & 100hr Yin and Mindfulness, Peace in Schools Mindful Teaching Course and Certified By Barreworks Teacher Training Program.