Amanda Penney - Dance NL

Amanda Joan Penney was born in St. Anthony, NL and has lived  all over the country including urban places like Calgary, and tiny communities like Churchill Falls and Port Hope Simpson. She studied at Memorial University, completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts  in 2005. 

Amanda started a family in St. John’s 12 Years ago and have been here ever since. She is a mother of two strong girls who love to dance.  Her daughters danced Jazz and Ballet for three years.  They all practice a self defense martial art called Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to stay active and strong. Her girls are also on competitive gymnastics and cheer teams which keep them on their toes.  Amanda is on the fundraising committee for Campia Gymnastics and  is an active member in the creative arts communities here in St. John’s.  She works at the NL Craft Council Art Gallery and volunteers at the Gathering Place Art Room weekly, teaching art classes and workshops. 

She is interested in Dance because it is movement to music. It is therapeutic from all perspectives, on stage, and from the audience.  Amanda has always been moved by all genres of Dance and cannot think of a better way to shake off stress and anxiety and experience joy, passion and happiness.  She thinks we all collectively need more dance. As an art form it is accessible to everyone.   Amanda plans to get involved in the dance community and learn as much as she can.  It is never too late to invite Dance into your life.