Cindy Holden Dance NL

Cindy Holden is the current DanceNL Chair since June 2019.

Cindy has enjoyed dance all of her life, from her first lessons with Judy Fagan, Sharon Walsh and Sandra Blackmore, to Flamenco with Evelyne Benais and Christina Penney in more recent years. She has taken in adult ballet classes while abroad working in other jurisdictions, explored new dance workshops presented through Neighbourhood Dance Works (NDW) and continues to enjoy the fellowship of social and partner dancing with MUN BLDC and Tango on the Edge. She is a past performer with Kittiwake Dance Theatre (KDT), and Board member taking on promotional and administrative responsibilities, including corporate sponsorship. 

Though Cindy has a distinguished career as a health professional, she maintains there is a strong and inextricable relationship with health and arts appreciation, including dance. She believes that artistic communication is key to community health and wellness and is a proponent of equitable school arts programming. 

Picture Credit: KDT Nutcracker 2008, Robert Power makeup artist.