2013 Dance Ambassador Tammy MacLeod 

As our final Dance Ambassador video for 2013’s Dance Week – Tammy MacLeod and Liz Solo send a meditative Dance Week message from Middle Cove, Newfoundland. Brought to you by DanceNL and the Canadian Dance Assembly

About Tammy MacLeod – Tammy MacLeod is a dancer, teacher and choreographer with a keen interest in improvisation. She has trained at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre and Maindance (Vancouver). She has most recently worked with Liz Solo, Andrea Tucker, Sally Morgan, Gerry Morita and for the past two years she has toured Idealicious, a multi-modal dance trio choreographed by Eryn Dace Trudell and supported by the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council. She is looking forward to working with Louise Moyes on a new project in the fall.