Arts and Culture Infused Curriculum 

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Cultural Connections Strategy allows teachers throughout the province to apply for professional development in and through the arts and heritage.

A key program in this initiative is the Arts and Culture Infused Curriculum (ACIC) program, which allows a teacher to work with an artist or tradition bearer to use their expertise to enhance the school curriculum and offer a professional development experience in the arts and/or heritage for the teacher of any school subject. More information on the ACIC can be found here.

To assist teachers in finding qualified artists and tradition bearers for their projects in their local areas, the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District (NLESD) is seeking artists who are interested in working with K-12 teachers and students.

When discussing an ACIC project with teachers, please note the following ACIC program information:

Maximum grant: $2385

Maximum artist fee: $1625 for 19 hours in-class time and 6 hours planning/professional development instruction with a teacher

Maximum for arts materials: $300

Maximum for ground transportation: $200

Please note: Completing this survey does not guarantee you will be selected to work on an ACIC project with a teacher. It does indicate that you are willing to be contacted by a teacher should he/she be planning a project in an arts or heritage area in which you have expertise. You are also permitted to contact a teacher who you think would like to work with you on a project, but please note that the teacher must submit the application.

The link to submit your information if you wish to allow teachers to contact you is here.