NL Moves in GFW with Tony Ingram 

NL Moves May – Breaking with Tony Ingram
NL Moves is coming to Grand Falls with a free Breakdancing (Breaking, B-boying, B-girling) workshop at the Gordon Pinsent Centre for the Arts – Saturday, May 25 from 7 to 9 PM. If you need directions please call: 709.572.0400

About the Workshop
Tony Ingram is a physical therapist and dancer from Newfoundland, Co-founder of East Rock Crew, Concrete Roots Dance Company, Street Movement Dance Company, invited performer to Canada Dance Festival 2007 & 2008, and owner of website – aimed at educating dancers on injury prevention, and advocating dance science and the benefits of dance to the public.

Breaking, or B-Boying / B-Girling (also known as break-dancing) began in the 70’s as the first Hip-Hop dance. Today it’s as big as ever, with a rich history that has shaped street dancing throughout the world.

This workshop focuses on the basic elements of the dance: top-rock, get-downs, footwork, freezes and power, as well as important concepts such as musicality, originality, and style – concepts that compliment any dance style!

Learning the fundamentals of breaking can help develop a foundation of dynamic movement and an appreciation of the original history of Hip-Hop dance, as well as the music and culture that started it all.

About NL Moves
NL Moves is a monthly workshop series by DanceNL  designed to offer professional development opportunities to the dance community while exposing the general public to many different dance genres and promoting wellness and physical activity. NL Moves workshops are led by DanceNL members and highlight some of the amazing work and skills of the dancers and movers of the province. NL Moves workshops are happening every month throughout Newfoundland until May, 2013.