Welcome Liz Solo 

Message from Liz Solo:

I am very happy to be back on board with DanceNL as Project Administrator and am excited to be applying what I know to working for dance. The dance world has always been a warm and welcoming place for me and I love the experience of collaborating with dancers and being a part of this bright and growing community. I am looking forward to working for members on DanceNL’s many upcoming programs, projects and special events. Please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime with questions, feedback or ideas – I am at your service. info@dancenl.ca

Liz Solo is a Newfoundland artist with a thirty year history as a performer, New Media artist, musician, activist and community arts facilitator. Liz has an inter-disciplinary arts practice with a special interest in movement and dance. She is currently working with dancers and choreographers to develop her performance work. Liz’s new solo piece Dance Me – a collaboration with dancer/choreographer Tammy MacLeod – will show at this year’s Festival of New Dance. Liz is also preparing to release a new recording from her band The Black Bags (produced by Jody Richardson) and working on the release of the multi-media video the machine.