NL Moves

DanceNL Program

NL Moves is a workshop series dedicated to connecting dance artists with new communities of participants, and highlighting the skillsets of the movers of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Dance Celebration

dancenl Program

Dance Celebration promotes and advocates dance. In the beginning this DanceNL program mostly incorporated activities around International Dance Day and Dance Week. It now includes performances at the DanceNL AGM Show Case and supports major projects with industry partners.

Small Steps Mentoring Project & Dancer in Residence (DIR)

Professional and Emerging Artists

DanceNL recognizes  limited opportunities for post-secondary study in dance in this province.  It has supported collaborations with the Dancer Transition Resource Centre (DTRC) in Toronto as well as Memorial University to assist young and emerging dancers explore options to create post-secondary connections.  DanceNL has two programs to engage young professionals and established artists to continue and advance study in dance.

Folk & Traditional

DanceNL Program

Newfoundland and Labrador hosts a number of dance genres within its local heritage along with traditional Newfoundland step dancing, called and square dances. Dance styles with roots in English, Irish, Scottish and French cultures are preserved in social dance groups as well as aboriginal dances showcased in celebration and performance. Other cultures and ethnic groups are also practicing in the province and DanceNL welcomes opportunities to engage with new groups and adaptations in all DanceNL programming.

Jane Dennison photo credit Ned Pratt with thanks to Running the Goat Press