Small steps mentoring Program

In 2020-2021, DanceNL established the Small Steps Mentoring Project to assist individuals anticipating careers in dance. The program matches experienced dance professionals in the community with applicants who are looking for support with any aspect of career development ie. grant writing, finances for independent artists, dance exam work, style and movement coaching, instructional applications to name a few.

DanceNL supports up to five hours of mentoring time for professionals. See program details.

dancer in residence (DIR)

The Dancer in Residence (DIR) project has been held biannually and a collaboration between DanceNL, and institutes such as Memorial University, Grenfell Campus and  Creative Gros Morne.

The project involves partnerships that may include, but not limited to the Arts and Culture Centres across the province and other dance industry leaders such as Kittiwake Dance Theatre, Neighbourhood Dance Works, or Dance Teachers of Newfoundland and Labrador just to name a few.

The objective of this program has its origins in three areas of dance practice:

1.) the desire to create academic dance opportunities as a way to gauge potential interest for dance curriculum that would be embedded into academic offerings;

2.) outreach into the wider community (both the existing professional dance community, and non-professional dance activities); and

3.) to create space and time for an artist to do work on one of their own projects. 

Past residencies include: