DanceNL is hiring!! 

In preparation for another busy year, DanceNL is hiring a contract Project Administrator for the fall.

The Board of Directors is currently seeking a contract Project Administrator to develop a Strategic Plan to advance the organization in the short and long-term, as well as enhance the membership, and oversee general administrative duties during the course of the contract.

The Project Administrator would be responsible for:
· Working with the DanceNL Board and feedback from the membership to develop a 3-5 year plan with clearly defined objectives.
· Working to augment membership and develop strategies to retain current members.
· Increasing the public’s awareness of DanceNL through public relations as well as website and social media tools.
· Performing additional administrative and organizational duties as needed.

Required competencies:
· Strong organisational and planning skills
· Able to work independently while liaising with a volunteer Board
· Able to multi-task around various projects
· Strong verbal and written communication skills
· Comfortable dealing both with the public and the media
· Familiar with Microsoft Word and Excel
· Familiar with social media tools including Facebook and Twitter

Key assets:
· Experience with strategic planning, including the ability to work closely with the Board to determine realistic and attainable goals
· Familiar with the local dance community, or have a strong willingness to learn

Work Term: Fall 2011 – 12 weeks
Contract Fee: $8400 ($20/hr @ 35 hrs/week) PENDING FUNDING APPROVAL
Location: The successful candidate will be expected to use his or her own workspace, computer and telephone. DanceNL will provide support as needed.
Closing date for submissions: August 19, 2011
Send electronic submissions to: